Start Out on Your Holistic Blogging!

It is often said that starting anything new is the hardest. This holds true about starting to blog about holistic based business as well.

Various holistic business owners such as acupuncturist, reiki practitioner, angel communication guide, animal healers, astrologers, yoga studio owners are talented and gone beyond natural approach. However, even they seem to be afraid to start blogging about their business.

Blogging though immensely popular now had not gained such mass appeal till very long ago. Only a handful of people were doing it out of interest and not with the intention of marketing. However, since it has developed as a marketing tool, there has been no dearth of experts claiming to have the perfect concoction of guidelines for blogs to make money.

Such rigid guidelines floating in the market has made it look like that there is only one formula to be successful at this. Most holistic practitioners are now afraid that they will get this blogging scene wrong. They are scared that in the process of blogging, they will break these so called rules and fail at drawing more visibility through the blogs. This is the biggest reason that a holistic practitioner is putting off the blog scene.

However, what most do not know is that there are no set rules. Everyone has to set their own rules, depending on their business and what they want to represent through their business. There is no one right or wrong way to do it. What is more interesting is that their rules can always evolve. The rules can always be broken, twisted or turned to incorporate whatever the needs of the business or the readers are.

There are few questions that these holistic practitioners should keep in their minds while creating their own rules. Being honest to themselves and answering these questions will help to gain clarity about what direction they want their blogs to take and how they should go about starting out on blogging.

1.    Who will be the target audience? The blogger must have a clear view about this and then focus entirely on these readers.

2.    How regularly do they want to post? This can be once a month or once a week or any other frequency that fits the requirement.

3.    What they want the average size of the post to be?

4.    What is their focus? This can be done in various ways like – providing an external link to something that depicts what is the focus, being conversational or even providing content on the subject.

5.    What is the incentive that they provide to the reader? The reader will only come back to a blog if he/she finds the content beneficial.

6.    What is off the limits for them? The bloggers have to decide if they want to write under a pseudo name or if there is something that they do not want to discuss.

7.    What are their personal goal? These goals can be apart from just monetization like improving their discipline, writing, meeting deadlines etc.

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