Holistic Dentistry in a Nut Shell

However, surprisingly not many of us know too much about the profession or the field of dentistry. While we have some idea about endodontists, and the surgeons who treat our oral problems but the knowledge is most very limited in most cases. So, when I was asked to explain the concept of holistic dentistry and Biologic Dentistry, I was determined to make things clearer for my readers.

The difference between the medical professional who are dentist biologically and the other one who treats holistically are mainly in approach to their philosophies. The holistic dentists concentrate more on the communications of the future or past facilities and measures of the oral surgeon which could maximize individual systematic health.

One similarity between the both of them is that both holistic as well as biological dentists in most cases operate on the basis of a belief system that that teeth are a major part of the human body and that they affect the overall health condition of a person. Their main aim is to resolve any dental problem that the patient may be suffering from while operating in synchronization with the rest of the body.

Dental Amalgam fillings have become a contentious issue in the world of dentistry of late. In this procedure mercury is used in the filling, which is believed to damage the central nervous system and immune system.  It has been in this use for close to a century and a half. The United States Food and Drug Management did a few tests to see if it was safe for use and they found nothing to suggest that this practice should be stopped. However, you did make some restrictions against using them for the treatment of children under the age of 6. On the other hand the European Council has adopted an EU mercury regulation according to which of dental combination for children below the age of 15 and pregnant women has been banned completely. As there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of mercury in amalgam fillings, the biological and holistic dentists are equipped and trained to remove mercury amalgam fillings after a specific period of time decided by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and toxicology.

The holistic dentists are very careful about compatibility between the restorative materials used during procedures and the patient’s body. There are many ways to test the compatibility, including blood tests. The use of materials that work perfectly with the patient’s body is an important aspect in holistic dentistry.

Holistic Dentists are divided in their opinion of root canal. Some are of the view that bacteria trapped in the jaw bone may cause systemic disturbance and cause disruption to the immune system, while others believe that this problem could be solved with a more thorough cleansing procedure. With ozone and erbium ErYag laser.

Another important aspect of holistic dentistry is the practice of x-rays in the digital format and other equipment’s which causes reduction in radiation exposure to the patient. 3D radiography has therefore become more popular.  To become a holistic dentist it is very helpful to lead a holistic lifestyle.  

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