Are you aware of the new back treatment?

Spinal cord lies in the backside of the body. It helps us in walking, sitting and doing many other things that have been necessary for a human being to do. But many times it has been seen that the spinal cord gets affected either due to any injury or due to the way the fluids of the spinal cords gets saturated. To make the spinal cord work again, a new method has been in the introduction.  

According to the medical science, people used the primitive method of recovering the spinal cord injury by having ice packs, rest, taking medicines by consulting a physician and many times went for a surgery if other things are not working. But in the present day, a new way has been in application to get rid of the problems of the spinal cord injury. According to a medical journal of the United Kingdom, the vertebroplasty surgery is a new way. This surgery is totally different from the surgeries that each and every people are acquainted with.

The procedure of the vertebroplasty surgery

This treatment is made somewhat like that of the X-ray. If you are feeling pain and wants to have the surgery then for your kind information this surgery is only done when the report demands. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to have this surgery. In carrying out this type of surgery at the very first, the patient has been provided with a local anesthesia. The whole operation can be done in any x-ray room or in the operation theaters. This totally depends on the medical professional who is in charge of this surgery.

After making the people anesthetized the doctor will make a puncture into the skin of the patient. This puncture is made so that the surgical needle can be pushed into the vertebra that has been fractured. This whole procedure has been carried on by the use of the x-rays. Now after the puncture is done the doctor will inject a specially formulated plastic bone cement in a force full way. The main reason of the force full way of injecting the thing is to fill up the places of the vertebra that got damaged. The spaces in the bone that got damaged will fill up with this injection and also help in soothing the bone of the vertebra.

After the injection is provided the surgical needle that has been used to make the puncture in the back is moved. The whole thing takes for ten minutes to get harden. After that, the place of the puncture is bandaged with the medicated things. It has been highly recommended that after the patient feels the sense, then he/she can move into their own house. But for that day he/she should not do the works of the household or any other thing. A complete rest is required.  

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