3 Key Advices for Holistic Business Owners

However, more often than not holistic practitioners find themselves at a loss about how to start their own blog. More often than not they find themselves unable to understand the concept or are afraid that their conviction will not get across and a blog will make them appear fake or trying too hard on the sales aspect. If you feel you will not convey the right tone through your writing or you do not have anything useful to write about, you are not alone. This happens to a lot of us and starting out is the hardest part.

Many people will have you believe that there are specific rules to get the blog scene right. That you have to follow certain codes and conducts to succeed at it. While the truth is that the blogging scene is way to fluid a medium to be constricted within a rigid set pattern.

So if you are struggling to start your blog you might want to keep the following in your mind.

The first rule about blogging is that there are no rules.

As mentioned above there are no set rules that apply. However, you are encouraged to make your own rules. Before you set out to write a blog, have a clear picture of whom exactly you want write to and then write the piece keeping only them in mind. Chalk out a few things about how long you want the piece to be and what tone you want to portray. Keeping it conversational might help you as it might encourage the readers to put their views forward and make it interactive. It will make it easier for you to focus if you have few basics for yourself like what benefit you want to bring to the readers etc.

Change is the only constant.

A blog is not like a flyer or a sales page. It is more like a regular peep into the world of you and your business. So you should know that your blog will evolve with your development. As you get more readers and as they participate and comment your next blog will automatically address the points brought forward by them and there is nothing wrong with that. It must be an organic process and not something too random for the heck of it. Your writing style will develop. As time goes by, your target will appear clearer and you will recognize your niche. You might also find it easier to connect to your readers. Be open to the feedback of your readers and they will often guide you to what they need.

The key is to have fun

A blog post is supposed to be fun unlike a news article. Even though you should hold yourself responsible for maintaining the publication schedule, you do not have to be uptight about the tone of the post. The purpose of a blog is to create a forum for connecting with people and to have a discussion. If you find yourself enjoying while writing, it will convey to the readers who in turn will find themselves involved.

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